Future Research

Dissemination Plan

    • Paper # 1 – “ Validation of the vulvar acute genital injury scale (VAGIS) using an e-Delphi method by a national panel of experts”
    • Paper #2 – “Reliability of lay forensic examiners at using the VAGIS with a validated set of digital images of acute genital injury after sexual assault ”
    • Paper # 3 – “State of the Science: measuring acute genital injury (AGI) after sexual assault”
    • Paper #4 – “Dual Process Theory: a useful Forensic Nursing theoretical framework”

Future Research

  • Validate VAGIS in English, Spanish, French, and other languages
  • Extend VAGIS from vulvar acute genital injury score to vulvo-anal genital injury score
  • Validate a VAGIS-type tool for pediatrics cases
  • Publish the VAGIS tool with the digital images in a user-friendly format
  • Continuously validate new sets of digital images using various skin tones/ethnicity


  • Guest lecturer for forensic nursing education, law schools and law enforcement to explain the tool and how to use it
  • International consultation for forensic nursing educational programs and treatment centers